Wednesday, November 29, 2017

DJ Supreme la Rock headed for a 3-Day Dar es Salaam Extravaganza Party

US entertainer, Dj Supreme from Seattle, Washington, is set to rock Dar es Salaam this week. The 3 day event will be held in the company of Tanzania’s own DJ Vasley, DJ Sma and DJ FU. The 3 day events will be held at exclusive but divergent locations and hotels in Dar es Salaam.

Dj Supreme currently has over 50,000 records in his collection. While in Tanzania he will be looking sinto growing his number of records.

“I stopped counting (the records’ numbers) at 50,000 but there’s still so many (records) I don’t have that I need. In fact one of my main mission’s while in mama Africa is to acquire original African records on vinyl," says Dj Supreme.

He adds: "I'm looking for funk, soul, disco, boogie, high life, rock groups like Asiko, Geraldo Pino, Kelenkye, Marijata, Rob, Witch, and William Onyebor vinyl records.They are probably sitting somewhere in someone's house collecting dust. If anyone can help me out with getting records please do so.”

The events are organised by the new event company in Dar es Salaam, Xfinity Entertainment. Dj Supreme’s official 3 day events will be on 30th November (Thursday), 1st December (Friday) and 2nd December (Saturday). The 3 events are sponsored by Jameson and Red Bull and will have Clouds Media Group as the official media partner.

Xfinity is a fuse of jazz, funk, soul and lingala wrapped in bongo flava. The events and lifestyle company was founded this year, 2017, to meet the needs of the ever-changing social and entertainment industry in Tanzania and the rest of East Africa.

Currently Xfinity holds 3 events on a weekly basis on the affluent Masaki area in Dar and within the Central Business District (CBD.) It is headed by DJ Vasley, DJ Sma and DJ FU.The Xfinity DJs (DJ Vasley, DJ Sma, DJ FU) have worked alongside the likes of Diamond Platnumz, Vanessa Mdee, Jux, MiCasa, Black Motion, Tinie Tempah, Furture plus many more artists and a host of local/international world renowned Djs.

On Dj Supreme's itinerary includes a visit to the historic island of Zanzibar where there’s a spice tour already booked out for him. The Los-Angeles born Dj will also do a media tour courtesy of Clouds Media Group.

Dj Supeme also known as Supreme la Rock will also get to hang out with local celebrities including Dj D-Ommy where there’s a planned culture exchange where he (Dj Supreme) will be inducted into the Swahili culture.

He will get a chance to compare techniques with Dj D-Ommy during their sessions together. A major social media calendar has already been planned to keep fans on the loop of his visits around Dar and showcasing of his Dj skills.

“I’m excited to be coming to East Africa and Tanzania for the very first time after hearing so much about it. Hopefully I will get to learn more on the Swahili culture and music, collect Bongo music along the way and trade a few skills with the Djs in Tanzania,” concludes Dj Supreme ahead of his visit.

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