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Hivi ndivyo nembo ya Vodacom Miss Tanzania 2011 itakavyokuwa,ilizinduliwa rasmi hapo jana katika Hotel ya kimataifa ya Kilimanjaro Kempnsiky jijini Dares Salaam.
Mkurugenzi wa Lino Internation Agency waandaji wa Miss Tanzania,Hashimu Lundenga akiongea na kuwatambulisha baadhi ya warembo waliowahi kushiriki katika shindano la Vodacom Miss Tanzania miaka ya nyuma katika uzinduzi rasmi wa Vodacom Miss Tanzania 2011.
Mkuu wa udhamini wa Vodacom Tanzania,George Rwehumbiza akizungumza wakati wa uzinduzi wa nembo mpya itakayotumika katika shindano la Vodacom Miss Tanzania 2011 na shindano hilo kuzinduliwa rasmi hapo jana katika Hotel ya kimataifa ya Kilimanjaro Kempnsiky wengine ni baadhi ya warembo waliowahi kushiriki katika kinyang’anyiro cha Vodacom miss Tanzania miaka iliyopita.
Mkurugenzi wa Miss Tanzania,Hashimu Lundenga akipiga makofi kwa furaha mara baaada ya nembo mpya ya Vodacom miss Tanzania kuzinduliwa rasmi na mashindano hayo pia.
Mkuu wa udhamini wa Vodacom Tanzania George Rwehumbiza akiwasalimu baadhi ya warembo waliowahi kushiriki kinyang’anyiro cha Vodacom miss Tanzania miaka iliyopita ,katika uzinduzi rasmi wa Vodacom Miss Tanzania 2011 uliofanyioka hapo jana katika Hotel ya Kilimanjaro Kempnsiiky.
Baadhi ya viongozi wa kamati ya Vodacom Miss Tanzania pamoja na wadhamini wakuu wa shindano hilo na warembo waliowahi kushiriki shindano la Vodacom miss Tanzania wakiwa kwenye picha ya pamoja.
Baadhi ya vimwana waliowahi kushiriki shindano la Vodacom miss Tanzania 2010 ambapo Genevieve Emmanuel (kushoto) ndiye alinyakuwa taji la Vodacom Miss Tanzania 2010 nao walikwepo katika uzinduzi huo.
Mwandaaji wa Miss Chang’ombe Tom mwana wa Chilala katikati akiwa na warembo wake waliowahi kushiriki katika shindano la Vodacom Miss Tanzania akiwepo Vodacom miss Tanzania Genevieve Emmanuel (kulia).
Toka kulia ni Meneja udhamini wa Vodacom Tanzania, Rukia Mtingwa,Mkurugenzi wa Lino International Agency, Hashimu Lundenga,Jokate Mwegelo,Mwandishi wa habari wa The Citizen,Matuto Omary na Mkuu wa Itifaki wa Miss Tanzania,Albert Makoye.
Baadhi ya wageni waalikwa waliofika kwenye uzinduzi huo

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Already in 1983 Jah Kimbute started up the band Roots & Culture and two years later they were registred with the National Arts Council. This was a must in those days to be able to get governmental support, to tour etc. In 1985 they went to Zimbabwe as part of a cultural exchange program. On their return to Dar they managed to get a sponsor in Njumba wa Sanaa, a big handicraft shop in Dar which at that time had money from development aid agencies such as SIDA in Sweden. Nyumba wa Sanaa provided the band with rehearsal facilities. At this time the band was playing on instruments owned by Tanzania Film Company.

In 1986 Roots & Culture went on a tour to Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana. The played three months in the club Blue Note in Gabarone. They played "roots music", not pure reggae but based in reggae. With the money they earned they could gradually buy their own instruments. They knew that owning your own instruments was the key to independence:

To be employed or work for a club owner in Tanzania for a composer or one who wants to make his own music is a problem because the owner of the tools will want you to play a certain type of music. He won't give you a chance to do research or just find youself. He wants you to play what is on the market. That what is happening with a lot of bands here. The musicians just become like..., they have to wait what is happening in DRC and becomes popular in Tanzania and then they have to play that.

The owners just want to make money. They are not interested in the music. Most of man is just destroyed by this type of operations. Some people start very vigilant. They have their own sound. But when the sponsor goes in now, he determines the terms. He wants that musician from somewhere to come and join the group. People become copycats to survive.

But of course independence also means you have to organize a lot yourself. That's not always easy:
We are making our own music. We are using our own tools. We are trying to organize our own concerts. If we don't organize our own concerts in town, nobody puts concerts.
Dar es Salaam is not a very good spot for reggae music. But I appreciate that when we organize concerts like in the drive in cinema, it's a lot of youths coming and they really cheer to my music and to the music in general. The musical movement here is a bit fucked up because there is no promotion company, there is no distribution company. There is nothing cultural more than the Indian dubbing your cassette and selling it. That's it.

So when you organize concerts in the drive in you fix up with companies to help supporting cooking, the arena, advertisment and so forth. Then we put together some equipment so that we can get a big sound system and play outside. Normally we try to charge very cheap like a thousand shillings per head so that a lot of people can come in.

So it's promotion for all the bands. Plus the crashers who jump over the wall and make the night become more interesting. (Kimbute laughs.) But otherwise there is nothing really good going on because the music organization or whatever they are not doing a commendable job. They are still into the old style.

You know in Tanzania music was just taken as propaganda, political. I wasn't for the benefit of the artist. Music was just to help the politicians before they held their speeches when they do their campains. So music was just for rule. The ruling party could bring up a truck and say "Your band must play a certain place tomorrow". They give you transport to go. But coming back you have to take care of yourself, you know. And it's like an order.

That is finished right now. Now we're coming to a bit of commersialization. But the commercialization system here is not a system. You have just to stop it. No sales of music. And implement slowly, start afresh.

What is killing things here is lack of copyright. If you don't have a link to any small company in Europe you can just die poor. You can never get your music outside the border, which is very bad. I don't know. It's hard to understand the policy of this country. No one is interested in investing in putting a good studio and having a company because there is no copyright law. And no one really cares much for Tanzanian musicians, because if you don't have a basic right from your own country it's really hard.

When asked when he first heard reggae Jah Kimbute answers:
The first time was in the seventies. I used to love reggae music and soul music. My father used to buy a lot of records, because they used to go out of Tanzania sometimes. We had many records with James Brown, John McRay, Jimmy Cliff. The first reggae I heard was Jimmy Cliff's music, then Johnny Nash. I loved Jimmy Cliff's music. "You can get it if you really want" was a kind of inspiration to me. I started to love Jimmy long time.

Then the time came when I was big enough I went to Europe, to Holland. The reggae scene was big in 1975. Bob Marley and the Wailers they promoted their LP Babylon by bus, I was in Holland at that time. I saw Black Uhuru first time in Germany. They were not big. We went to see them just lika any reggae band. Dread locks and so. But I just loved Michael Rose. Then I come to check Bob and that was another level. The I played music too in a band in Holland in the weekends. We started a group with some guys from Surinam, Trinidad and Jamaica. This was in 1979.

Jah Kimbute says this about his music today:
My music is black music. It has an influence of all black sounds....There is a line of jazz in my music to put more flesh on the music. You can get the soul feeling in my music. There is a traditional touch in my music. I just try to blend. I find it hard to come out with just something like... This is Tanzania and it should be like any popular style. Whatever tropical touch I put in the music that identifies with me. I'm not playing anything from outer space. There is inspiration from what I've been hearing. If I write a song I automatically have the bass line in my head.

We said it is something basically African to start the construction of music from the lower notes.
Yes, that's how I make my music. Then my song should fit on that bass line. It's the bass line and then some drumming. What come next is just some other instruments or some other type of music into my music. Bass, drums and percussion, if they are tight, that's basically what is music to me. Guitars, horns and keyboard is just some flesh. The bones of the music is bass and percussion.

Roots & Culture is primarily a live band and has just done a few recordings. Still they don't perform more than about 25 times in a year.

But Jah Kimbute is convinced that he's doing thte right thing:
Reggae music is future music. You can listen today, tomorrow the next day without getting tired. I respect my music and I'm not even interested to make a kabinda nkoy hit . I'll rather play something that is international like reggae with a bit of Tanzanian touch.

Booking: Roots and Culture Band

Contact: telephone +255(0)752240938

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Rais wa shirika la Under The Same Sun akiongea na watu wenye ulemavu wa ngozi leo

Rais wa Shirika la Kusaidia watu wenye ulemavu wa ngozi linalofahamika kwa jina la UNDER THE SAME SUN,Peter Ash akizungumza jiono ya leo na baadhi ya watu wenye ulemavu wa ngozi pamoja na wanahabari huku Mkurugenzi wa Shirika hilo hapa nchini,Vicky Ntetema akimsaidia kutafsiri kwa kiswahili ili kuwaelewesha wale wasiojua lugha la kiingereza.hii ni katika hafla ya mkutano na watu wenye ulemavu wa ngozi (Albino) iliyofanyika katika ukumbi wa mikutano wa Nyumbani Hotel,jijini Mwanza.Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Misungungwi,Mh. Mariam Lugairwa akizungumza katika mkutano huo jioni ya leo,ambapo aliwataka watu kujituma katika kufanya kazi ili kufanikiwa katika maisha na si kuweka dhana potofu ya kusema kwamba ili mtu afanikiwe kimaisha basi li lazima apate viungo vya albino.hii ni jioni ya leo katika hafla iliyoandaliwa na shirika la UNDER THE SAME SUN katika hoteli ya Nyumbani,jijini Mwanza.
Mwenyekiti wa Chama cha watu wenye Ulemavu wa Ngozi Mkoani Mwanza,Alfred Kapole akizungumza wakati akifungua mkutano huo jioni ya leo.
Maafisa wa Shirika la UNDER THE SAME SUN kutoka jijini Dar wakibandika baadi ya picha ukumbini hapo.
Watoto wenye ulemavu wa ngozi ambao walihudhulia hafla mkutano kati ya Shirika la UNDER THE SAME SUN na watu wenye ulemavu wa ngozi.
Mwanalibeneke wa Libeneke la G. SENGO,Albert Sengo akiwa bize kuandika yaliyokuwa yakijiri ndani ya mkutano huo.
Mwanachuo kutoka Chuo cha Mt. Augustine,Monalisa Juma akichangia mawazo katika mkutano huo.
Mkalimani wa Lugha ya Alama kwa ajili ya watu wasiosikia,Jonathan Livingston akiwatafsiria baadhi ya watu waliohudhulia katika mkutano huo ambao walikuwa hawasikii.
Mkutano ukiendelea.

Mama wa Mtoto afahamikaye kwa Jina la Manyashi (kushoto) akiwa pamoja na mumewe (kati) wakifuatilia mkutano huo.
Baadhi ya wanahabari waliohudhulia mkutano huo.
Mambo yakiendelea ndani ya ukumbi wa Nyumbani Hoteli jijini Mwanza leo.

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1. Samson Ramadhan

2. Marco Joseph

3.John Bazil


1. Zakia Mrisho

2. Mary Naali

3. Magdalena Mushi

2. Wavu


1. Kevin Peter (Magereza Wanaume)

2. –Mbwana Ally Mzinga Morogoro

3. Ibrahim Cristopher( Nyuki Zanzibar).

1. Hellen Richard Mwegoha (Magereza Wanawake).

2. Yasinta Remmy (Jeshi Stars)

3. Zainabu Thabit (Jeshi Stars)

3. Netiboli

1. Lilian Sylidion-Filbert Bayi

2. Mwanaid Hassan-JKT Mbweni

3. Sekela Dominick-JKT Mbweni

4. Karate


1. Sempai Steven Bella

2. Semapai Ayub seleman

Wanawake: Kuna jina moja haliwezi kutangazwa.



George Otto Tarimo- Savio-Dsm
Lusajo Samwel Mwakipunda- Oilers-Dsm
Gilbert Batungi

1. Faraja Malaki- Jeshi Stars-DSM
2. Zakhia Kondo- Lady Lioness-Dsm

3. Doritha Mbunda- JKT Stars

6. Soka


1: Khamis Mcha-Zanzibar Ocean View

2.Mrisho Ngasa-Azam FC

3.Shadrack Nsajigwa-Yanga

4. Juma Kaseja-Simba


1.Asha Rashid

2.Mwanahamisi Omary

3.Fatuma Omary

7. Ngumi za Kulipwa

1. Karama Nyilawila

2.Mbwana Matumla

3. Francis Cheka

8. Ngumi za ridhaa

Revocatus Shomari-Bantam
Selemani Kidunda-Middle Weight
3.Said Dume-Fly Weight

9. Gofu


Hawa Wanyeche
Madina Iddi
Vailet Peter

Frank Roman-
Adam Abbas
Isaac Anania

10. Baiskeli


1:Hamis Clement

2: Richard Laizer

3:Said Jumanne


1:Sophia Anderson

2:Martha Anthony

3:Ndashimba Kulia

11. Kriketi


(1) Kassim Nassor

(2) Seif Khalifa

(3)Benson Mwita


(1) Hawa Salum

(2) Mariam Said

(3) Sophia Hemed

12. Mpira wa mikono


1.Kazadi Monga-Magereza

2Hemed Saleh-JKT

3Abineri Kusena-JKT


Happiness Mahinya-JKT
Teresia Kifukwe-Magereza
Zena Mohammed-JKT
13. Watanzania wanaocheza nje

Hasheem Thabeet-basket
Henry Joseph-Soka
Rogers Mtagwa-ngumi
Nizar Khalfan-soka
14. Wachezaji wa nje wanaocheza Tanzania

1. Emmanuel Okwi-soka (Simba)

2. Yaw Berko-soka (Yanga)

3. Kanda Kabongo-kickboxing

15. Wanamichezo Chipukizi

1: John Bazil-riadha

2.Magdalena Cristian-riadha

3. Lilian Sylidion-netiboli

4. Vailet Peter-Gofu

16. Judo


Khamis Azan Hussein-Zanzibar
Abeid Omar Dola-Zanzibar

Masoud Amour Kombo-Zanzibar

17: TUZO YA HESHIMA:Itatangazwa siku ya siku.

Katibu Kamati ya Tuzo


Buriani Magadula Shelembi

Na Zitto Kabwe

Ni saa kumi na mbili asubuhi, mlango wa chumba changu unagongwa, kaka Zitto, kaka Zitto, ndivyo mama yangu Bi. Shida huita wanaye wote wa kiume. Naamka, mama ananiambia “Shelembi ametutoka”. Ni kama ndoto hivi maana ni jana yake tu nilitoka kuongea na Katibu wa CHADEMA wa mkoa kuhusiana na hali ya mwenyekiti wake ndugu Shelembi. Baada ya kuzungumza na Dkt. Molekwa wa Hospitali ya Mkoa wa Shinyanga, nilipata ahueni kwamba mpiganaji wetu atapata matibabu stahili. Mungu hakutaka. Shelembi ametangulia mbele ya haki. Kwa heri. CHADEMA imepoteza mwanachama mahiri, Kiongozi asiyeyumba na mwenye misimamo. Wananchi wa Shinyanga, Kata ya Ndala na wananchi wote wa Manispaa ya Shinyanga wamepoteza Diwani makini mwenye uwezo mkubwa wa kutetea maslahi ya wananchi wake. Familia imepoteza baba mwema aliyependa familia yake.

Phillip Magadula Shelembi (Ng'wana Byula) 1960-2011

Taifa limepoteza mmoja wa waasisi wa Mfumo wa Vyama vingi ambapo miaka ya karibuni tumeshuhudia watu wengi waliokuwa wameanzisha vyama hivi vipya wakijiunga na CCM. Pia wengine kutoka CCM ama kwa kupenda sera za vyama vipya au kwa kutafuta fursa za kiuchaguzi wamejiunga na vyama vipya na hata chama chetu cha CHADEMA. Shelembi hakuyumba licha ya changamoto mbalimbali ndani ya chama ambapo wakati mwingine ilidhaniwa angeweza kukata tamaa na kuondoka kwenye chama. Alibaki muumini mkubwa wa chama chetu na hata kupoteza maisha yake akiwa Kiongozi wa chama kitaifa kama Mjumbe wa Kamati Kuu, Kimkoa kama Mwenyekiti wa chama Mkoa na Kiwilaya kama Diwani wa Manispaa ya Iringa. Huu ni usia mkubwa kwetu na hasa vijana kwamba tuwe na uvumilivu wa kisiasa.

Ndani ya chama chetu tulimwita mashine ya kusaga na kukoboa. Kiukweli yeye ndiye alianzisha jina hili wakati anagombea ujumbe wa Kamati Kuu mwaka 2009.

Uchaguzi ulikuwa mgumu sana, wanatakiwa wajumbe 3 tu wanaume Bara kati ya wagombea zaidi ya 20. Wasomi kama kina Dokta Kitila Mkumbo kutoka Chuo Kikuu cha Dar es Salaam na mwanazuoni mwenzake Prof. Mwesiga Baregu walikuwa katika kundi hili. Kulikuwa na wagombea kama Ndugu Msigwa ambaye sasa ni Mbunge wa Iringa Mjini na wengine wengi. Shelembi, mashine ya kusaga na kukoboa aliongoza katika kundi hili akifuatiwa na Baregu na Kitila Mkumbo. Hii ilionyesha mapenzi makubwa aliyokuwa nayo ndani ya chama chetu. Walioompenda na wasiompenda walimpa kura. Kila mjumbe alipenda misimamo yake kwa mambo aliyoyasimamia. Hakufinyanga maneno wala kumung’unya. Alisema alichoamini, jina hili lilimfaa kabisa.

Shelembi alikuwa tayari kubakia peke yake na msimamo wake hata kama kikao kizima kinampinga. Nakumbuka wakati tumekaa katika kikao cha Kamati Kuu Dodoma tukiwa na changamoto kubwa ya kumsimamisha aliyekuwa Makamu Mwenyekiti wa Chama Bara marehemu Chacha Wangwe, Ndugu Shelembi alisimama peke yake mpaka mwisho kupinga kusimamishwa kwa Wangwe. Nakumbuka alisimama na kusema kwa lugha yake ya kiswahili cha kisukuma “eeh, kumbe siasa ndio hivi, nimeogopa kabisa, yaani na wewe {akimtaja mmoja wa wajumbe} unakubali makamu asimamishwe wakati tulikuwa wote kupinga hili? Kwa kweli licha ya “tension” iliyokuwepo kikao kiliangua kicheko. Alikuwa na namna yake ya kuwasilisha hoja yake. Alikuwa mzungumzaji mzuri. Hakuogopa kusema mawazo yake. Alisimamia demokrasia ya kweli ndani ya vikao vya chama. Hili ni fundisho kwa wanaCHADEMA tuliobakia. Kuwa na misimamo bila kuathiri uhai wa chama. Kwamba tofauti ya mawazo ndiyo kushamiri kwa demokrasia.

Kuna watu walitaka kujaribu kutumia tofauti kadhaa za mawazo ndani ya chama kumfanya akiasi chama. Alikataa. Alikuwa mwanaCHADEMA kindakindaki. Alikipenda chama sio kinafiki, alichukia unafiki kwa maana ya kuuchukia. Alihakikisha chama kinajengwa katika mkoa wake na hata kutoa Wabunge wengi zaidi wa kuchaguliwa wa CHADEMA kuliko mkoa mwingine wowote Tanzania Bara, na kuufanya Mkoa wa Shinyanga kuwa Mkoa wa Pili kwa kutoa Wabunge wengi zaidi wa Upinzani. Shelembi alikuwa Kamanda Makini na Mahiri. Umetuachia changamoto ya kuendeleza ushindi wetu na kuhakikisha tunabeba majimbo yaliyobakia katika mkoa wa sasa wa Shinyanga ambao umegawanywa kutoa mikoa ya Simiyu na Geita. Ni Changamoto ambayo tupo tayari kuichukua. Tunaweza kama ulivyoweza Shelembi! Umeshatuwekea Msingi imara.

Ndugu Shelembi hakuwa Mwenyekiti wa Mkoa aliyepeleka mbele wapiganaji na yeye kubakia nyuma, hapana. Yeye mwenyewe aligombea jimbo la Shinyanga mjini na pia udiwani kata ya Ndala. Alishinda vyote. Akatangazwa mshindi kwenye udiwani, akapokonywa Ubunge. Kuna mkanganyiko wa kura alizopata, yeye alisema alitangazwa ameshindwa kwa tofauti ya kura moja, Mbunge wa Shinyanga Mjini ndugu Masele Stephen anasema hapana, ilikuwa ni tofauti ya asilimia moja. Hakukubali uchakachuaji huu wa haki yake. Alikwenda Mahakamani. Amefariki akiwa anapigania haki yake mahakamani. Nakumbuka mara ya mwisho nilikutana naye akiwa Dar es Salaam kumwona Wakili Mabere Marando kuhusiana na kesi. Alikuwa ana ari ya kuhakikisha anashinda kesi ili atangazwe kuwa Mbunge halali wa Shinyanga Mjini. Hii ni changamoto nyingine iliyo mbele yetu, kuhakikisha haki hii ya watu wa Shinyanga inalindwa. Kamanda Shelembi, umetangulia. Tutaifanya kazi hii. CHADEMA itaendeleza kazi hii. Chama chako ulichokipigania toka kianzishwe hakitakutupa.

Nikimnadi Ndugu Philip Shelembi Magadula-SHINYANGA MJINI

Watu wa Shinyanga walimpenda Shelembi. Hakuwa na ukwasi. Ni mwananchi wa kawaida kabisa kabisa. Ninapoandika makala hii ya kumuaga, ninapata fahari ya mambo mawili. Moja kwamba ndani ya nchi yetu, bila kujali uwezo wa kifedha w mtu bado unaweza kuwa kiongozi. Mbili, kwamba ndani ya chama changu, mtu masikini kabisa na hohe hahe ana fursa ya kutekeleza haki yake ya kidemokrasia. Shelembi alikuwa ni mtu wa daraja la chini, hakuwa middle class, lakini aliweza kutumia haki yake ndani ya chama chetu. Inatia moyo kuwa bado misingi ya waasisi wa Taifa ipo.

Aliendesha kampeni zake za mwaka 2010 kwa michango ya wananchi. Nakumbuka nilipopita Shinyanga katika ziara yangu ya kunadi wagombea Ubunge, tulipata watu wengi katika mkutano. Kofia na mifuko ya Rambo ilipita mara baada kuzungumza. Michango ilikuwa ni ya shilingi 50, 100, 500 na 1000. Wananchi wa kawaida kabisa waliitikia wito wa kumchangia mafuta aweze kwenda mkutano wa Pili. Tulikusanya zaidi shilingi laki Sita na ushee ndani ya nusu saa tu. Jimbo pekee lililozidi Shinyanga Mjini ya Shelembi ni Jimbo la Sumbawanga Mjini ambapo tulikusanya shilingi Laki Nane na nusu. Shelembi, tangulia. Ulipendwa sio kwa mali zako bali kwa uwezo wako wa kutetea haki za watu wako.

Tuna majonzi tu kuwa hutaona wakati tunachukua Dola mwaka 2015. Naamini utatutumia salam huko ulipo. Nenda. Msalimu Chacha Rasta! Mwambie chama kipo imara. Harakati zinaendele

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Wakuu wakiwa jukwaa kuu
sehemu ya umati wa wananchi

umati wa wananchi

Viongozi na mabalozi wa nchi mbalimbali

. Halaiki na paredi. Picha na Freddy Maro

sherehe za miaka 47 ya Muungano wa Tanganyika na Zanzibar leo

Wanafunzi wa Shule ya Msingi ya Kimataifa ya Hazina, wakionyesha umahiri wao wa kucheza Sarakasi wakati wa sherehe za Maadhimisho ya Miaka 47 ya Muungano zilizofanyika kwenye Uwanja wa Amani Mjini Zanzibar keo.

Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano Dkt. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete
akiwasili na Mkuu wa Majeshi Jenerali Davies Mwamunyange

Sehemu ya viongozi waliohudhuria

Makamu wa Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania, Dkt. Mohamed Gharib Bilal, akisalimiana na Mwenyekiti wa Chama cha NCCR Mageuzi, James Mbatia, wakati wa hafla ya chakula cha mchana iliyofanyika kwenye Viwanja vya Ikulu mjini Zanzibar leo baada ya kumalizika kwa sherehe za maadhimisho ya miaka 47 ya Muungano

Vijana wa halaiki kazini

Juu ni halaiki maalumu na chini ni baadhi ya

wananchi waliohudhuria sherehe hizo leo
Baadhi ya wasanii wa muziki wa kizazi kipya waliohudhulia sherehe hizo kwenye Uwanja wa Amani mjini Zanzibar Baadhi ya wasanii wa muziki wa kizazi kipya waliohudhulia sherehe hizo kwenye Uwanja wa Amani mjini Zanzibar

Kifungilo alumni yafana

Mgeni rasmi Dk. Mwele Malecela akiwa na Sista Lilian ambaye ndiye Headmistress wa Kifungilo (kulia) na Sista Modesta kwenye hafla hii ya Kifungilo
Mandhari ya Karimjee hall jioni ya leo
wanafunzi wa Kifungilo wakijiandaa kufungua champaine
Mgeni rasmi Dk. Mwele Malecela akongea na Kifumgilo alumni
Sista Lilian, headmistress wa Kifungilo akiongea
Meza kuu ikisalimiana na wanafunzi waliopita Kifungilo
Muwakilishi wa wazazi akiongea
Wadau wa Kifungilo
Walio nje ya nchi wakipashwa kinachoendelea live!
Wawakilishi wa wanafunzi wa mwanzo Kifungilo
Mh. Zainabu Kawawa, mmoja wa wana Kifungilo, akijidai na vidani alivyonunua katika mnada
Kifungilo alumni wakijiandaa kuimba nyimbo za shule yao
Alumni wa Kifungilo wakiimba nyimbo ya shule yao
Kifungilo Re-union
Kifungilo alumni wakiiimba nyimbo za shule yao
Furaha ya kukutana tena
Ni raha ilioje
Kifungilo shuffle

PE time ikiongozwa na Dk. Blandina
Mh. Zainabu Kawawa akiongoza mdumange
Hongera kwa Kifungilo alumni
Head prefect wa kwanza Kifungilo
Mambo live duniani kote
Mwakilishi wa wazazi akitoa nasaha
Mheshimiwa unachangia ngapi??
Vidani kwa Mh
Ma MC wa siku hii
Zawadi kwa shule ya Kifungilo ikipokewa na Sista Lilian
Zawadi kwa Sista Modesta
Mama Dyamwale akitoa zawadi kwa muwakilishi wa wazazi
Wana Kifungilo
Wadau wa Kifungilo
Alumni wakiomba kuchangia harambee
Sehemu ya alumni