Monday, June 18, 2018


HelpAge International in partnership with Jb Geriatrics and HIV Center, Pwani DPA and GSST have been implementing a project on Measuring Healthy Aging and Co Designing Health in Tanzania. The project is being implemented in Kibaha township and Kibaha Municipal council.

Judith Bagachwa director of Jb geriatrics says Mwendapole A is one of the communities that has successfully been engaged in the implementation of the project. The beginning was really tough because the practice of community life competence requires members to use/utilize their own resources so as to solve their problems. 

The process of using their own resources took a very long time before community members realized they were capable of doing something by themselves. CLCP has helped Mwendapole A community members learn to appreciate their strengths and take actions towards challenges that they face.

So as to live a healthy living style Mwendapole A started a vegetable garden where community members could grow vegetables to improve on their nutrition. Community members worked together and through the help of their local leader they managed to secure a piece of land where they could grow their vegetables. 

 Mr Desdery Masawe who works at the Local government office, confirmed that a piece of land was secured for community members to implement on their project. Community members immediately took actions and started to work on their project.

Salum Chambuli a group chairperson explained that the steps taken gave community members a sense of progress and believed that anything is possible. Before the land was secured people had lost hope and others left. But now that the land is available people have put all their strengths in making sure that the community project becomes a success. 

 Despite the success that Mwendapole A received in achieving their goals, a community was struck by a loss of land after the original owner decided to take his land for personal use. This was a big turning point to community members. Members became devastated and lost hope.

Community members gathered and encouraged themselves that there was a solution to every problem. They then came up with another plan. This time one of them decided to provide for the community a piece of land where they could start a fresh and resume on the normal routine like they had before. The SALT, (S-Stimulate, A-Appreciate, L- Listen/Learn, T-Transfer) provides confidence to community members that they are capable of solving their problems. Communities come to realize the strengths that they have and use the strengths to take necessary actions

Elizabeth Nkwela says “ I was approached and asked if I could provide an area for the community project. I had participated and seen the benefits of the first project. I saw the community strength and efforts that members had put to achieve our community dream. Without hesitation I said yes and gave a portion of my land to the community. The place is big enough to run our community dream and we can grow anything we want.”

Judith further said “We take the competence approach to communities to make them competent but becoming competent is like journey. It does not happen suddenly. The CLCP approach provides community members with confidence to practically take ownership and deal with their own problems.

Community members at their new farm
Elizabeth Nkwela at the community farm

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