Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Free Bitdefender Tool to Pinpoint Weaknesses in Your Smart Home Compromised smart device could lead thieves to your Banking information, private photos and e-mails

Bitdefender Antivirus, the innovative security solutions provider, has released a free tool that will scan your entire Office/home network to pinpoint weaknesses that could let thieves take your private info and photos and allow hackers and snoops to take control of your Internet-connected devices.

Once installed on your PC, Bitdefender Home Scanner scans your Office/home Wi-Fi network to identify the devices you have connected to your local network. Then it identifies risks on any connected device, like weak usernames and passwords, unsafe communication and different vulnerabilities in the device’s firmware and delivers a thorough report. This includes tips on how to address and secure the network, based on the vulnerability identified. Click below link to get free Bitdefender Office/home scanner tool:     

Bitdefender Office/Home Scanner’s effectiveness is enhanced by Bitdefender’s experience engineering the Bitdefender BOX, the first-of-its-kind piece of hardware that protects everything connected to your network.

A successful hack into even the least significant of your devices could lead to a network takeover that could give thieves your banking information, private photos and e-mails, allow them to control your Office/home security setup, let them eavesdrop via your smart TV and other audio-equipped devices, and know when you are at home or away on holiday.
. “Bitdefender’s mission is to bring your entire home/Medium Office network defense strategy up to the highest levels of security in the industry. Bitdefender Office Home Scanner is the first, and most essential, step in a modern security plan: know your weaknesses.”

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