Thursday, May 12, 2016

How to Purchase online with Tembocards

Dear Friends & family,

One time opportunity, enjoy!

Dear Colleagues,
Have you got your passport renewed?  Your Bank can renew it for you, It’s easy just use your card at any of the below channels and win a grand prize trip to Dubai and South Africa with your family of three people for three days and many more prizes. All you need to do is to perform a minimum of 20 transactions every month at FahariHuduma Wakala, POS and purchase/pay online
Hurry; do not miss this opportunity. Register NOW for online purchase and start using your TemboCard.
To register, please fill the dully Online Purchase form and within 24 working hours you will receive the sms with Access Code, visit the Bank’s website and follow the guideline below for registration:
1.      Go to then
2.     Click on VERIFY CARD then select Secure Code/Verified by Visa to proceed.
3.    Enter your card number and click submit button
 4.      Then, Register Now
 5.      Choose Register with Temporary Access Code to proceed
6.      Enter Card number and your email address in the appropriate boxes and click next,
7.     Read and Understand Terms and Conditions, and if in agreement tick on the appropriate box to accept, then click next. 
8.      Enter your first and last name as appears on the card, Expiry date of the card, CVC2/CVV2 (three last digits at the back of your card) secure    code
9.     Create your own secure code/password (This must contain capital and small letter and number) and a personalised Greetings.

10.     You will receive a congratulation message for successful registration and then close the window.

Ø The verification process is one time process.
Ø Temporary access code will expire after 24 hours from the time you have received the sms.
Ø Make sure that your debit card details are used on a secure connection (https:// instead of http://) example: Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode secured websites.
Ø In case you have forgotten your password/SecureCode then,
a.   visit the website that you want to purchase, when reach the place where you will be required to enter your password leave it blank and click Forget password to reset (make sure you will have your account number and access code sent for verification) OR
b.   visit CRDB Bank website, click Verified by Visa/ SecureCode then select Account Management to reset password OR
c.    Contact CRDB Bank Call Center for more assistance.
Ø For Visa card holder, note that once you have entered your card number Verified by Visa logo will appear on top of the next page instead of MasterCard SecureCode but the registration process will remain unchanged.
Ø Remember to record your purchase details like time, date, amount, receipt number and order confirmation or you may screenshot the page and save.
Ø The advantage of verify your TemboCard is that: for the purchase to be completed, every time you purchase/pay online a box from CRDB Bank will automatically pop-up asking for SecureCode/Verified by Visa Password, when entered correctly then the Bank will confirm the authorised cardholder is using the card.
 Kind regards,
 Tully Esther

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