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Smart Partnership dialogue is a national and international consultative forum where governments engage with all sectors of the society (called partners) to share information, knowledge and expertise smartly in finding solutions to development challenges. These sectors otherwise called ‘partners’ could be political leaders, civil servants, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, management, or people in general who plays different roles according to their different clusters in a society, but all operates from the same set of principles in dealing with challenges.
Therefore, the concept Smart Partnership Dialogue (SPD) drives from a unique manner in which stakeholders/partners engage in a dialogue/consultation to solve their challenges - mostly technological – smartly, hence the name Smart Partnership Dialogue.

Smart Partnership Dialogue (SPD) is a brainchild of Commonwealth Partnership for Technology Management (CPTM) which is a social and scientific inters – linkages arm of the Commonwealth, and has since undertaken in collaboration with willing national partners to provide a forum for the discussion of topical subjects in a conducive and inclusive open dialogue. These dialogues can be traced back to 1990s when the first dialogue was held in Malaysia in 1995 under the leadership of the Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohammed.

The vision of SPD is to promote creative cooperation between the government and other sectors contributing to social economic activities. To date, twenty Smart Partnership International Dialogues has been held in different Commonwealth member States countries with different key themes. The last one was held in 2011 Putrajava, Malaysia. It was at this meeting that His Excellency President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete made a decision to host the next SPD.

Tanzania will host the next Smart Partnership Dialogue. The Host and Patron Advisor for the 2013 Smart Partnership Dialogue, His Excellency Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, and President of the United Republic of Tanzania officially launched preparations for the 2013 Dialogue in 29th May, 2012. He also introduced the theme of Global 2013 SPD as Leveraging Technology for Africa’s Socio – economic Development and announced the dates for the dialogue to be 28th June - 1st July, 2013 to be held at Julius Nyerere Convention Center, Dar es Salaam.
The decision of His Excellency President Jakaya Kikwete to host the Global 2013 SPD and the choice of the theme for the dialogue were anchored on the realization and conviction that these dialogues provide a unique forum for interaction and equal opportunities for all participants.

Tanzania as a Commonwealth member state is one of the nineteen African countries who are also partners of SPD and has participated in several SPD hosted by other countries. One of our greatest challenges as a developing country striving to pull itself out of poverty and bring development to its people is the inadequate access to appropriate technology. This missing link seems to be otherwise inherent to our national efforts to translate our abundant natural and human resources in to tangible development gains. The Dialogue therefore, is about identifying various forces to stimulate change, spearhead the process and mastermind the change and transformation of the Tanzanian society. Specifically, Global 2013 SPD is intended to achieve the following:
§  Establish sustainable technology links both domestic and foreign.
§  Identify, develop and support youth technological innovation talents
§  Share experiences from different stakeholders and jointly work out the solutions in a participatory manner.
§  Create an inclusive society and promote partnership based on the principle of win – win situation
§  Inspire the development of a roadmap for technological development targeting sector by sector enhancement in the country in hand with the National Vision 2025

The national preparatory structures consist of three main layers. The first layer is that of the President of the United Republic of Tanzania who is the Patron and Host of the Dialogue. Therefore, the Global 2013 SPD in Tanzania will be hosted under the auspices of His Excellency Jakaya Mrisho kikwete. 

The second layer consists of National Organizing Committee. The Chief Secretary Ambassador Ombeni Sefue – President’s Office - has been appointed by the President of United Republic of Tanzania as Co - Convener of the Dialogue and Head of The National Organizing committee (NOC). Other members of this committee include Permanent Secretaries from some key line ministries, Executive Secretary from Planning Commission, and Chief Executive from Strategic Institutions. The National Organizing Committee has the duty of providing overall guidance of the successful execution of the Global 2013 SPD.
The third layer consists of The Dialogue Resource Team. This group is called The Think Tank.
The Dialogue Resource team is made up of the National and International dialogue resource teams. The National Core Resource Group comprises of experts from the following sectors: Agribusiness, Education, Youth, Social Issues, Energy, Extractive Industries, Health, Manufacturing Industries, Science and Technology, Research & Development, Transportation, Environment, Arts and Culture, Labor, Central Banks and Financial Institutions.
The National Resource Group will interact closely with the International Resource Team on issues of Technology for Socio-economic transformation.
The Dialogue Resource team is expected to influence the agenda and the team will give advice based on their experiences and knowledge to the Host Patron, the Council of Patrons and Advisers and CPTM Fellows on socio-economic transformation programmes and how best appropriate technology can be utilized to bring about sustainable development to the nation and other participating countries.
During the dialogue the Dialogue Resource Team will moderate/participate in discussion on the main theme and the sub themes agreed upon. The Dialogue Resource team through discussion will propel on how best to promote technology in the whole process of transformation for socio economic growth for sustainable development in the local and international context.
This Dialogue also has links known as the Smart Partnership Links whose participants will be categorized according to their interest.  Smart Partnership Links have been formed to feed into the main theme Leveraging Technology in the following areas: Business, Professional and Academia, Youth, otherwise called Smart 29ners, Media, Labor and Civil Service, Social Issues, Community and Tradition, Arts and Culture.

The fourth layer is the Secretariat. It operates under the supervision of Chief Secretary and Co – Convener of Global 2013 SPD. The Secretariat is in charge of the daily preparations and executions of the decisions made by NOC. It also provides the link between the CPTM hub in London, key government sectors, private sectors drawn locally and internationally. It also works with support structures that are considered to be essential for successful carrying out the dialogue.

One of the key features of this year SPD is that at some point in the process of the dialogue, media representatives will engage in a discussion/dialogue with the Joint Executive council of Conveners. During these sessions journalists are expected to share their views on how they position themselves in helping realize the objectives of The Global 2013 SPD.

Participation to the dialogue is open to anybody interested in the theme of this year. All one needs to do is to fill the registration form and pay the registration fee of 300,000/=. The registration forms are available at our website whose address is
For any inquiries, the Contact Details of the Secretariat are hereunder:
Tel: +255 – 22- 2121459/2111906
Fax: +255 – 22 – 2121447/2116600

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