Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hon. Mathias Chikawe (MP) Minister for Constitutional and Legal Affairs has attended the 7th International meeting of Ministers of Justice with a theme “A World Without The Death Penalty – No Justice Without Life” which took place in Rome, Italy.
Hon Chikawe speaking at the meeting on
the position of death penalty in Tanzania

The meeting was organized by Community of Sant’Egidio and brought together Justice Ministers from 32 Countries of the World. The aim of the meeting was to provide the forum and platform for countries that have abolished the death penalty and those that have not abolished to share experience and lesson on the death penalty. 
The meeting is being used to sensitize countries that have retained the death penalty on the need to abolish the same and call upon them to take steps in abolishing the capital punishment.
During the meeting Hon Chikawe assured the participants of the meeting that Tanzania is mindful of the efforts that are being taken at the international, regional and national level to abolish death penalty. As a country, we are aware that of several human rights obligation that we have undertaken that require us to abolish the death penalty.

He further stressed that, the decision to abolish the penalty will be reached after Tanzanians have had a say on whether to abolish it or not. He noted that, with the Constitutional Review Process that is underway, Tanzanians are expected to air their views on the death penalty. 
He said that this process provides another opportunity for Tanzanians to have a say on the existence of this capital punishment because in the past two researches were carried where people were asked whether the death penalty should be abolished or not and twice they decided to retain it. 
"The views of people were respected and the penalty was retained, despite that for the last 18 years Tanzania has practiced a moratorium on the execution of the sentences. 
"The last execution was carried out in 1994. We will listen to what our people say on death penalty, but this time as a country we shall", he said.

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